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'While we were still sinners,
Christ died for us. Romans 5.8
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In acknowledgement of God's inspiration in over two decades of teaching at the University of Fort Hare,
many of the fruits of David's research are made available for free download.
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About David T Williams


David Williams was born and brought up in England,but while reading engineering at Cambridge paid two visits to Africa, first to South Africa, and then to a mission station in Zambia. Being impressed by the needs of Africa, he did a year's post-graduate teacher training in England, where he met his wife, Gill, before coming to Southern Africa with a missionary society. They spent a period in a mission high school in Swaziland, then several years ministry in township High schools in Durban. David was then called to be minister of a non-denominational church north of Johannesburg, where he also did the first part of his doctoral studies with UNISA. On completion of this, he accepted his present post, lecturing in theology at the University of Fort Hare, soon completing his doctoral thesis, "The call of Jeremiah". He is now a full professor. He is active as a “tentmaker” missionary, involved in several ministries in the area around the University. he has full ministerial recognition by the FIEC in the UK and the Baptist Union in South Africa. He has four children; the eldest is working for Bentley(UK), the second is teaching in Somerset West in South Africa, the third is in Technology working for the British Wireless for the Blind Fund while the last is a teacher in Orpington, also in the UK.


Published work

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The Office of Christ and its expression in the Church: Prophet Priest King. Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press 1997. Capitalism, Socialism, Christianity and Poverty. Johannesburg: von Schaik 1998.
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